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An immediate support

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Professor Mark Williams, (was the Professor of Clinical Psychology, Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and Wellcome Principal Research Fellow in the University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry) and a leading voice on mindfulness for depression and anxiety, succinctly explains how  the science of mindfulness works in developing our coping mechanisms.  

The current situation affects us all on some level and managing our emotional reactivity is something to be taken as seriously as the information we are digesting.  We can all probably identify with the fact that changing our habits isn’t always easy and rarely happens instantly.  Likewise, changing the patterns of our mind, the very part of our being that determines everything else, will take a wee bit of effort and application for long-term change. However, it can still help us right now!  A short formal practice, a purposeful pause… there are so many different techniques that create ways for us to manage our thoughts and emotions in whatever situation we are facing, wherever we are. Remote learning is not an issue. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how it could help.



Well-Being at Work

Mud and Lotus provide authentic mindfulness training.  Having lived mindfully for over 25 years, taught thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds, I am able to offer tailored mindfulness support to individual needs in that moment.

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