So often there is the sense of not enough time...

Unconscious habits of mind may keep us moving forwards
at such a pace that we miss the only time we really have.
Right Now!

This workshop focuses on how to experience time to support
living well. Conscious life choices that can reduce stress
and bring more 'real-time' enjoyment.


“Brilliant! I finally have permission to pause. Thank you!!”

“Very thought provoking but also practical. Really enjoyable. Thank you.”

“Really useful session - gave me time to stop thinking and just feel / experience the moment.”

“A wonderful and inspiring session. So good to take the time to learn about appreciating the now.”

“This session helped me believe I can get better.”

“I feel cleansed and now understand another way of thinking – understanding time and appreciating the moment.”

“I will go away from this session using the REAL Time approach and appreciate life a lot more.”

“Reflective - session focussed my thinking on time.”

“Great accessible introduction to mindfulness.”

“The session was enjoyable and makes you think about the time you actually waste.”

“This session left me feeling open-minded about adopting some of the mindfulness techniques we learnt in my personal life.”

“It’s a change to have good thoughts!”

“A really good introduction to mindfulness. This helped me consider how important time is, also how important recognizing your own thoughts and feelings are.”

“Made me put the chaos of day-to day life into perspective. To stop and appreciate the here and now, and truly live.”