Getting to know and work with all that we are
and all that we experience
in a friendly and non-judgemental way
may sound simple but is a skill.
By noticing the busy doing, judging, comparing
mind and working with it we can discover
a deeper sense of understanding,
calm and balance.

Working with mental and physical boundaries
can transform our attitudes and approaches
from unhelpful to helpful.
We can develop a healthy appreciation
of who we are
in any given moment.

Mud and Lotus offer movement classes to suit
differing needs from minimum mobility
to fair flexibility.

With over 20 years of personal yoga practice,
an Iyengar Teacher Training Certificate,
many years of yoga and mindful movement teaching experience,
Jill designs classes that weave
the essential attitudes of mindfulness
into yoga-based movement classes
cultivating an aptitude for personal exploration,
understanding and development.

Mud and Lotus also work closely with specialists in their field to support other physical and mental needs such as diet and sport.

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