Getting to know, understand and
appreciate life in real time.

Learning to live less automatically, manage our time more effectively and cultivate more kindness.

“A life changing experience.”

Primary Teacher

“I’ve learned to take things at a different pace.”


“I’ve learned strategies to help me in moments when I can’t do anything about certain things…”

Primary Teacher

“I feel more relaxed and able to make better judgements. My life is becoming more in my control.”

Secondary Teacher

“The teachings have helped alleviate my stress levels and make me much calmer and happier.”

Primary Teacher

“I am learning not to overthink situations and deal with them step by step.”

Primary Teacher

“Thought provoking.”

Primary Teaching Assistant

“It helped me reflect on my feelings and responses.”

Primary Teacher

“Enjoyed it a lot!”

Educational Psychologist

“A fantastic course which has really helped me to focus on myself. Thank you.”

Secondary Teacher

“A fantastic course.”

Primary Teacher

“I believe everyone should attend this course/ silent day. It is valuable learning and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Primary Teacher

“Excellent Teaching!”

School Counsellor

“Very good course to help those who are prone to anxiety and stress.”

SENCO Teacher

“Amazing experience, looking forward to starting this with the children to given them the same opportunity I’ve had”

Primary Teacher

“A brilliant way to spend time with yourself. I’ve always tried to live mindfully but my husband says I’m much more mindful now.”


“I’ve learned to enjoy the ‘now’ more, worry less about the future and give myself more nurturing.”

College Tutor

“Inspiring - first time in my life that I have felt at one with myself. I now know I have time to just breathe and anything else in my life will get done. No more rush…. 1,2,3 breathe. Thank you!”

“Thank you for a wonderful opportunity. I was able to put into practice what we have been learning about and really enjoyed it!”

“I think everyone should experience a silent day. I would love to do it once a term!”

“I’ve never felt so aware of myself. I loved the walking practice and will continue with this at home.”

“I feel enlightened after the silent day and believe that all staff from school would benefit – also pupils.”

“Silent day was easier than I thought it would be. Really enjoyed the experience.”

“Brilliant course. Has helped me see life in a positive light”

Teaching Assistant

“A fantastic experience and great to be able to escape from everyday ‘noise.’”

“Calming day where you have the time to practice what you have studied with no pressure.”

“I have learned to be accepting and to know when I’m about to be stressed. I am more aware of my inner feelings and others, especially around emotions. I have been more productive and happier in myself.”

Educational Psychologist

“Like old times - time to relax – and reflect”

“It’s helped my work life balance enormously”

Secondary Teacher

“This is the start of a new way of being.”

School Counsellor

“Great learning to be more aware of myself. Thank you”

“Can highly recommend to help general wellbeing as well as stress reduction”


“Very chilled day and became much more aware of my senses.”

“I’ve learned to live in the moment and to not let other people’s judgements bring me down.”

College Tutor

“I’ve learned that it’s ok to slow down and be kind to myself.”

College Tutor

“It’s great for anyone like me who gets flustered and can’t focus.”

College Tutor

“This course has made such a huge difference to both my work life and my personal life. I have always been a worrier and would panic and become stressed about things probably unnecessarily and this has totally changed my look on things.When presented with a problem or issue I remain so calm I almost do not recognise myself and this has made me so much happier.”

Primary Teacher

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Audio Practices

Tune In

9 minutes

Body Scan

30 minutes

Body & Breath

13 minutes

Settling Practice

15 minutes


31 minutes

Surfing Thoughts

19 minutes


27 minutes


15 minutes (Live practice – May 19)

Mini Mindful Movement

15 minutes (Live practice – Nov 19)

‘Being’ In the Body 

10 minutes (Follow from mini movement – Live  Nov 19)

Settling in to the Body and breath 

23 minutes (Live practice – Nov 19)

Contact Breathing & Inner Voice 

10 minutes (Live practice – Nov 19)

Purposefully Pause in the Moment  

2 minutes (Live practice – July 19)

Giving & Receiving Presence Soundbite  

2 minutes (Excerpt – Dec 19)

Giving & Receiving Presence  

16 minutes (Live Practice – Dec 19)

Real Time Christmas  

1 minute (Excerpt – Dec 19)

Body Grateful  

15 minutes (Live Practice – Dec 19)