The art of living with patient
attention and kind understanding
amidst our busy, modern lives
is key to living and feeling well.

Demonstrating these helpful ways to our students could elicit our most valuable lessons. Permitting ourselves time and space to support our own lives is central to maintaining an enjoyable work-life balance and sustaining on-going support for others.


“After a really long and hard day the practice session was just what I needed thank you.”

“I would just like to say that I have benefited immensely from the course and also the practice sessions, I have stopped living in that internal dialogue loop that took up lots of my waking hours and caused me unnecessary stress, as I am aware of it happening and can now stop it using the techniques you gave us. This is making me happier in my personal and work life.”

Primary Teacher 2018

“I have loved attending your courses. Mindfulness has changed my life so much, or rather changed my perception of my life. I’m enjoying moments with my family I would have let slip by. This unplanned journey of self discovery has opened so many doors for myself, my family and my learners.”

College Tutor 2018

“Nice to realize how much our mind needs to rest too. And often, even when we think we are being ‘mindful’ we’re probably not.”

Primary Teacher 2019

“The taster session was interesting, thought provoking, relaxing”

Primary Teacher 2019

“Lovely training session. Really enjoyed it & made me think about mindfulness.”

Primary Teacher 2019

“The taster session was fun and enjoyable. I learned new things.”

Primary Teacher 2019