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Looking forwards to going back

By May 19, 2020 No Comments

How are you feeling in these current circumstances?

How do you feel about the next phase?

How do you feel about the post pandemic phase?

What do you need to help manage your-self, work and home-life now and for the future?

When do you need it?

In what form do you need it?  What are you most likely to engage with over the long term so you can truly experience the benefits?

Do thoughts of going back to old ways feel exciting, looming or a mixture of both?  What creates that difference?

If you paused right now and took some time to reflect on how you really feel about your current circumstances and what you hope for going forwards, what would emerge?

If you acknowledged that in moving forwards to old and familiar circumstances you could easily revert to old habits, would you choose to approach the next phase more consciously?

Many organisations and individuals have a real opportunity to pause at this time and re-evaluate.

Physical and mental health, priorities, values, purpose and connections have been at the forefront of many minds recently. Personal and professional lives have been merged, moved and removed in unpredictable ways leaving many with loss, grief, anxiety and uncertainty… More people have been exposed to the impact of mental and physical health and the power it holds over our lives and those around us.

Devising plans now for when work, school and home-life resume on a more social level, could offer the necessary support to move forwards in the best ways possible.

From my many years of teaching mindfulness-based courses from 7-year olds to many years old, students, carers, teachers, parents, directors, doctors, professors, managers and employees from all fields, I believe that guided-learning in a safe space, by an experienced teacher offers the most lasting, practical and effective solutions to support well-being. Interaction and open dialogue sparks interest and understanding. Group cohesiveness forms a powerful and supportive connection.

Apps, on-line and physical resources are amazing ways to further our learning yet the initial stages, the foundations that form the basis for how we live, are best learned by coming together.

Appreciation, self-care, connection, purpose and joy can become a natural part of life no matter how unfamiliar our circumstances.   Please get in touch now to discuss how we could develop the best ways forward to support your teams.

“There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path.”  HH


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