By getting to know and work
with all our experiences
with friendly understanding
we are better able to make
helpful life choices.

As a parent I cherish being mindful at home
As a teacher I am passionate about mindfulness in education.
As a professional I value being well at work
As an individual I aspire to live and support others in the best ways I can.


Jill Cox

In 1996 I spent 6 months learning mindfulness and yoga in India and have since been living, exploring and experiencing the teachings in real life, in real time.

My official mindfulness training started in 2010 with an MBSR with living Mindfully CIC, followed by a Teacher Training Certification in 2011 with Bangor University, MiSP (Mindfulness In Schools Project) in 2011 and Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training in 2012.

I have been teaching mindfulness full-time since 2011 to a wide variety of brilliant young and older minds including: NHS referral groups, professionals, private groups, Local Disability Forum, teachers, healthcare professionals, parents and students.

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