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Taking a break from survival mode

By March 18, 2020 No Comments

It can be harder to see the beauty when things are in their current state of distress. The saying “No Mud, No Lotus,” referring to the inevitable co-existence of good and difficult may not be springing to the forefront of your mind right now.  And understandably so for so many of us!

In times of uncertainty, isolation and stress, known ingredients to trigger negative states of mind, operating outside of survival mode may feel hard to do.  Among other benefits, mindfulness can help us regulate our reactions and handle our thoughts. It can provide us with ways to create some space from the news, notice where our attention goes and how it affects us, and we can cultivate more calm and kindness. We get to ‘know the mud and the lotus’, we can’t change them all, so we find ways to work through them as best we can.

If you are interested in learning new ways to manage, or wish to deepen your current practice, please make the most of these free downloadable resources 

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