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Training courses for schools September 2020

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Know Your Mind in Education

Know Your Mind in Education is an accessible, lasting and effective approach to looking after our health. Mindfulness offers a deeper understanding of what is going on and the tools to work with all our life experiences. Safe, well-structured courses provide participants with their own means to manage their own health and circumstances. Over the last few decades, mindfulness has been medically researched and evidenced as an effective way to manage mental, emotional and physical health. Not only can it address specific conditions such as depression, anxiety, pain… but it can also improve all areas of life such as appreciation, empathy, concentration, resilience, self-care and purpose.

Mindfulness training options for staff.

Six-week Know Your Mind (KYM) course.  Twilight sessions as part of CPD for all staff interested.  This could be funded partly by the school and partly by personal contribution making it manageable for all parties. This will provide in-depth ways to manage their own well-being and is the most effective way to create long-term health benefits. Those participating would not be able to teach the course to students but would be better placed to use the free resources in their normal classes.  A common language for communicating about the mind and relationships is established as well as a more mindful school culture. It fits with the Relationships and Health Education requirements. This is the requirement for those going on to train to teach students.

Three-week KYM Essentials is a condensed version of the 6-week course.  It develops understanding and supports well-being as well as having a better understanding of the KYM student course. It offers a repertoire of coping mechanisms and hopes to create more interest in developing this further.

Know Your Mind (KYM) Teacher Training. KYM primary/secondary can be timetabled into the new PSHE curriculum as a course and to work mindfully on a 1:1 basis. Like any other teaching you need the correct training to be able to offer this to your students.

Know Mud, Know Lotus workshops Tailored staff CPD:

Tailored sessions could be used to address relevant concerns using mindfulness-based theory and practice. These sessions address the most relevant topics of the moment and offer immediate solutions.  Initially I would recommend at least 2 to 6 sessions.  This would allow for the teachings to be understood and explored in real life so they can be developed and deepened in the nest session.  This is a more immediate support and hopefully will create more interest in learning more.

Please contact me via email for prices and to register your interest

Well-Being at Work

Mindfulness can be applied to all areas of life.  Talks and training can be tailored to apply to what you need.

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