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“Well-being is a skill”

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In this wonderful talk ‘Well-being is a skill’ by Richard Davidson, (inspirational lead on well-being research and a neuroscientist),  he articulates the 4 main components of well-being and how they can be cultivated: Awareness, connection, insight and purpose. Amongst other things he expresses the necessity to make well-being a priority.

Many reports these days mention the increased need for mental health to be addressed. Statistics across most western countries show an increase in depression, anxiety and physical ill-health. Suicide rates have increased from teens onwards. There is no doubt, it needs prioritising!

The good news is there are also solutions!  We can change these statistics if we choose to.  The advances in science and years of medical research report confidently on effective mechanisms available to us all. If we bring these solutions to the corporate world, to our schools and to the health foundations we are making these solutions more accessible and reaching the minds of all ages.

Our brains will be shaped throughout our life. We can learn to shape them in ways that will support our well-being and happiness now, and for the long-term. We only need to prioritise making it happen.

“If not now, when?!” The Talamud

Well-Being at Work

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