Workshops are tailored to help manage life’s challenges more effectively and boost our appreciation of the good available to us.

Theory, practice, activities and reflection
develop a greater insight into our current reactions
and habits when facing difficulties.
Carefully developed workshops support
the learner to gain more understanding and
explore better ways forwards.
We can learn to accept that getting to know the mud
is part of getting to know the lotus.

Workshops can vary in length
from 90 minutes to half or full days.
Available to young and adult minds.


“Thank you very much for one of the most valuable and instructive sessions I have ever attended. I will do my very best to take this forward into my daily life. Best wishes”

“Insightful - don’t normally get the time to think about me.”

“Great very reflective session. Made me look at my life in a different way. Going to look further into mindfulness. Thank you.”