Demands, people, time, responsibilities…

Whether faced with daily stresses of too much to do, lack of recognition,
loss of self-esteem or simply out of interest for life.
These workshops promote choices to enhance productivity, creativity and enjoyment in and out of workplace.


“Exceptional. Now I know why I feel like I do on occasions, and what can be done to nurture/counter these feelings”

“Thank you very much. I found the session to be a very positive experience. I will take things away from the course and use them in my work and home life. I really enjoyed the meditation. I feel relaxed and positively engaged for the day ahead”

“I found it really interesting and helpful. Keen to learn more. Thank you.”

“This session has provided an opportunity ‘time’ to focus upon me and evaluate my own feelings/behaviours. What makes me feel good and what I can do more of. Thank you.”

“Really useful session- Enjoyed it! Opens your mind to reality when sometimes you can get carried away with thoughts. Thank you.”

“Thoughtful and inspiring.”

“Great session. Its not often you get the opportunity to stop and reflect in our busy lives. Hopefully a couple of actions you shared with us today will help me in the future. Thank you!”

“Lovely step off the busy wheel of life for 2 hours. We need all to look after our minds as well as our bodies. Mindfulness is great tool to use for us all. Thank you Jill for your time and calming voice.”

“Good training session. Very well presented. Great meditation.”